About the Artist

James E. Tompkins

A self-taught artist and native of York, Pennsylvania, the works of James E. Tompkins (“Uncle Jim”) are closely tied to his hometown. All media used in his art have been serendipitously procured by him in York.

The themes in his  commissioned one-of-a-kind pieces reflect the physical and psychological make-up of the individual commissioning the work. During the creative process, Uncle Jim takes personal articles and  weaves them with materials gleaned from the local environment. It is then that Mr. Tompkins’ work truly begins: bringing order to chaos.

His outsider artwork takes a critical view towards social, political and cultural issues. Having engaged in many controversial subjects, his work rearranges familiar visual signs into new conceptually layered pieces – taking mundane domestic objects and juxtaposing them with whimsical items to create a unique piece of art that portrays the thoughts and feelings of the artist at the time of creation.

Tompkins’ belt buckles and Zippo® lighters feature various metals – mainly pewter, silver and brass. Turquoise is a salient feature in most pieces; other semi-precious stones also adorn his works. However, Mr. Tompkins thinks nothing is as precious as having a unique piece created from your own personal collection of  artifacts.

Feel free to contact Mr. Tompkins about commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece of your own. You may also contact him to inquire about purchasing any piece shown on this website.